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Amglo's product design objective is to offer highly engineered and reliable exterior lamps for aircraft to drive out operator cost! Amglo's long history in the aviation lighting began with earliest xenon flashlamps designs for aircraft recognition lights. Our product line quickly expanded into the aircraft Halogen navigation and cargo bay lighting and later, due to Amglo's high expertise in flame-seal PAR lamps, Amglo started manufacturing Halogen PAR lamps for aircraft landing, taxiing and logo application. As these lamps experience a great amount of vibration on the aircraft, Amglo has instituted of line processes to eliminate glass stress created during assembly, ensuring durability.

All Amglo lamps are designed and certified in conformance to the ANSI (American National Standard Institute) specification and are also sold as a FAA-PMA approved part ready to export with assigned 8130-3 tags.

Amglo continues to invest in aircraft lighting with its ongoing development of high wattage H.I.D. metal halide lamps for next generation aircraft packaged with a hot-restrike ballast and ignition hardware.

"FAA-PMA" Approved!

Reduce Your Maintenance Costs


The Learjet Customer Support Group would like to take this opportunity to thank your Company and Employees for providing our Customers with a Quality product that has surpassed all our expectations.

The First Customer to use the Amglo bulb was averaging 10 flight hours with the old vendor bulb. He now has over 500 hours (2 years) on his new Amglo bulbs. Needless to say, he is a very satisfied Customer, as we are!!!

Thank-You again for all the hard work it takes to make a BETTER bulb!!!

Best Regards,
Bob Kostner
Technical Specialist
Learjet Customer Support Group
Bombardier Aerospace

31A191 Operator

This kind of life is more than I ever expected to see.The left side bulb lasted for 703.5 hours, and 673cycles.The right side bulb lasted for 619.0 hours,and 586 cycles.


Frank Young
Chief Pilot
Thompson Machinery

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