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Vision Engineering's, and Amglo company, Machine Vision Strobes are manufactured for a range of industrial robotics production applications including: sorting, package integrity, quality assurance, edge detection, part recognition label reading. They are typically sources of short duration, high intensity light pulses. The light sources are Amglo's high power xenon flashlamps.
Vision Engineering also offers partnering services including design, prototyping and production of Machine Vision Strobes for customers with special applications.


As the source of light in a fiber optic system, the illuminator is critically important to the success of any fiber optic lighting installation. Vision Engineering is a leading manufacturer of fiber optic components and fiber optic illumination systems for microscopy, imaging, and machine vision industries. The VEL 9000 Series connects to Fiber-Optic Bundle for remote illumination and is fully variable up to 200 Hz maintaining a high quality lighting effect.

Download product information:
Machine Vision Strobe Fiber Optic Illuminator VEL 9000 Series (PDF)


Custom lamp head assemblies are available and designed to your specification. A Dual Lamp Assembly, Short Arc Lamp, and Flashlamp Housing Assembly have become standard products. All Xenon Flashlamps are manufactured by the parent company Amglo Kemlite Laboratories.

Download product information:
Machine Vision Strobe Lamp Head Assemblies XENON Flashlamps (PDF)

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