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Amglo Kemlite was the first successful manufacturer of halogen sealed beam lighting technology for locomotive headlights, auxiliary and ditch lights used in the railroad industry. Railroads historically used incandescent technology for locomotive headlamps. The PAR56 incandescent lamp served the purpose for decades, but life (500 hours) was always considered too short. The successful testing of Amglo halogen PAR56 lamps by two Class 1 railroads began in 2004. The tests were performed initially on switcher locomotives confined to yard service. Road locomotives were then equipped and lamp life was much better than expected. Hour meters were used to measure lamp life, and one road locomotive accumulated 5032 hours.

By 2006 the long life of Amglo lamps was confirmed, and railroads began to switch to Amglo. The Amglo lamps are in compliance with rule 49 CFR Part 229.125 regulations as outlined by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). The FRA also modified the rule to permit railroads to continue to operate the locomotive, if one of the twin headlights is burnt out, providing the remaining lamp is a halogen. Our railroad lamps are made in our Largo, Florida facility to the same stringent requirements and processes as our aircraft halogen lamps. Our railroad lamps are proudly MADE IN USA and we are 'Buy American' compliant.

Our customers are Class 1 freight railroads, regional railroads, short line railroads, commuter and transit operators.

75 volt, 350 watt PAR56 locomotive headlights and ditch lights

75 volt, 300 watt PAR56 fuel saving locomotive headlights and ditch lights

30 volt, 200 watt PAR56 headlights

75 volt, 40 watt E26 base lamps for step lights, number lights, etc.

10 volt, 10 watt, 18 watt or 25 watt lamps for wayside signals, crossing signals, etc.

75 volt, 6 watt A19 E26 Base LED Lamp for step lights, Number lights, etc.

Application information - click below for:

Application of PAR56 lamps on locomotives
Glossary of lamps terms

FRA Letters of compliance:

30 Volt (PDF)
75 Volt (PDF)

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